Hi! We’re Alooki.

Problem solvers by nature, we got our start tackling the challenges faced by our community’s recycling program. Like a lot of start-ups, we then realize we had something on our hands that would appeal to a wide range of industries.

So we got to it! We love thinking big, and we combined the best of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Gamification to develop our Passive Diversion Measurement System.

We capture data using AI-powered machine learning software and advanced video-based pattern recognition algorithms, We then apply our smart technology solutions to monitor, manage, and constantly improve our customers’ everyday processes.

Highly adaptable and built-to-last, our solutions can be put to work in any industry – if you can see it, Alooki can help.

Meet our team.

Our seasoned management team brings a history and track record of success in scaling tech companies from fledgling start-ups to achieving their full potential.

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    Measure, Manage, and Create More Profitable Processes with Alooki – the next generation of making things smart. Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for your organization!


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