Customer Profile:
Seafood Processor

Customer Profile: Seafood Processor

Our customer, a leading global fish processing machine manufacturer (Client X), operates in a competitive and demanding industry where precision, speed, and efficiency are key to success.


Client X was faced with the dual challenges of maintaining high-quality standards while needing to process fish rapidly and efficiently. They needed a solution that would not only allow for precise measurements for efficient processing but also ensure high-quality output with minimal discards.


Alooki Technology was approached to address these challenges with our innovative dual technology solution.

  • High-Speed Measurement Technology: With a focus on precision and efficiency, we integrated our High-Speed Measurement Technology into Client X’s processing machine. Our technology provided high accuracy, low tolerance measurements at high speed. This allowed for precise, instantaneous messaging to the machine’s tools, enabling optimal processing of fish with minimum waste.
  • Defect Detection and Quality Assurance Technology: To ensure top-quality output, our Defect Detection technology was employed. Utilizing AI and ML to analyze video in real-time, we were able to identify any potential defects or anomalies in the fish components. This information was instantly sent to the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to guide the accurate sorting and grading of fish components.


The introduction of Alooki’s dual technologies revolutionized Client X’s fish processing. They experienced an increase in yield, reduced discards, and a notable improvement in the quality of their end product. This not only increased their operational efficiency but also significantly enhanced their competitive standing in the industry.

This case demonstrates the transformative impact of Alooki’s innovative technology on the fish processing industry, providing a path to increased productivity and quality, highlighting the potential for further automation and efficiency in the sector.

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