Our passive outlier-measurement system uses video-based pattern recognition algorithms to help you easily correct mistakes and finetune your processes.

How Alooki Works:
Digitize, Detect, Respond (DDR)

Alooki DDR is the next generation of making things smart. Aimed at processing facilities, our solutions leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to enable production insights that drive efficiency, reduce defects, and optimize real-world processes.


First, we capture the data using strategically placed smart sensors (i.e., cameras, GPS, temperature, humidity) in various locations throughout the lines of any processing facility. Data can then be stored for long term analysis and intelligence gathering, and be processed in real-time so that you can solve problems as quickly as they occur.


Finely tuned AI/ML algorithms analyze the collected data to track products through the various stages along the production line. The algorithms can be adapted to detect a wide variety of product types and identify hard-to-spot defects or other potential problems.


As defects or potential problems are detected in real-time, the algorithms signal to your operators or equipment that corrective action is needed. This reduces overall defect rates and machine downtime while minimizing the cost and impact of disruption to the overall processing line.

Complex Needs? No Problem.

Alooki technology can be employed to monitor and manage any physical process – if it can be seen, we can help. Operating at 60 frames-per-second (faster than the human eye), our solutions are employed to eliminate errors for our clients in a wide range of industries.

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    Measure, Manage, and Create More Profitable Processes with Alooki – the next generation of making things smart. Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for your organization!


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